Gold September

Gold September activities began with a visit by renowned TV artist Khalid Anam to our Oncology Unit on 8th September ,’23.  Also seen in the photos are Joint Secretary Mrs. Fawzia Pathan , In -charge of the Unit  Dr.Uzma Imam  with her staff and staff  from the Human Resources department.

Distribution of flyers on Childhood Cancer Awareness was undertaken as part of GOLD SEPTEMBER at the Arts Council of Karachi  on 21st september ,’23 where students from Civilizations Public School were attending a play for Children. Social workers of Child Aid Association can be seen interacting with the teachers, explaining the significance of the golden ribbon and distributing flyers to students

Additionally flyers were also distributed at the following schools, St.Joseph’s convent school, BVS Parsi , Mama Parsi ,Habib Girls , AMI and Daud Public school.